Iron Chef America – Battle Sturgeon – Viewing Party at Marche Bacchus

In the spirit of egotism, egoism, solipsism, vanity, pride, hubris, self-promotion and self-aggrandizement for which he is known, ELV hereby publicizes these snaps taken at last week’s ICA Viewing Party at Marche Bacchus. A good time was had by all as Emcee Robin (Lifestyles) Leach led the proceedings and NORM! (The Vegas Eye) Clarke took copious notes of everyone’s behavior (not really). Merci Beaucoup to Rhonda and Jeff Wyatt for hosting the event, and for the sturgeon stylings(?) of Chef Jean-David Groff Daudet.

Those four courses of sturgeon presented by Groff-Daudet were pretty much his swan song at the restaurant, as ELV has been informed he will be departing soon for another gig.

Bonne chance a notre ami Jean-David…and we can’t wait to taste what his successor: Jean-Paul Labadie will be whipping up at our favorite wine bar/wine store/restaurant.

FYI: The episode will be repeated tonight on Food Network.