You Should be Goan to NAMASTE

An average Italian restaurant gets more customers in a week than a good Indian restaurant gets in a month. – Calvin Trillin

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What can we say about Namaste?

When it opened two years ago, we spent hours writing and crowing about it — everywhere from this website to the Las Vegas Weekly to KNPR  to Channel 8’s Dishing and Dining.

Within a few short months of receiving all that praise, the head chef (the one we wrote was taking it to a whole new level of Indian food) left. Then it went through another ownership change (or two – these things can be hazy when you speak with foreign nationals), was closed down twice by the Health Department, and wound up in one Melque Rodrigues’ lap six months ago. Most intriguing of all: Melque (pronounced MEL-kee) is a trained vocalist, with major chops in the fragrance-selling and singing fields, but none in the food biz.

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SAMOSA FACTORY – Reviewed in Las Vegas Weekly

ELV note: This article appears in today’s Las Vegas Weekly. Click here to read it in its original format, or continue below for ELV’s (slightly edited, slightly more insulting to vegans) version.


Vegan food is usually about as interesting as the people eating it. Which means, not very. Rabid vegans may get excited about a big dish of steamed mung beans, but in my world, anyone who obsesses over what they won’t eat rates somewhere between a Wal-Mart greeter and an actuarial accountant as a dining companion. The problem, of course, is many people who forswear animal products in their diet are gripped by a certain “fear of food.” This trepidation consumes them to the point where they think the more boring some foodstuff is, the better it must be for them. If more vegans would start recognizing Indian food for its historically non-boring treatment of a pure vegetarian diet, this rift in our relationship could easily be repaired, because, happily, the Indian sub-continent has thousands of years’ experience, and hundreds of spices, to disabuse them of that notion. Even better, all of us have Samosa Factory here to deliver the goods.

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