CARSON KITCHEN is Kerry’s Crowning, Crowd-Pleasing Achievement

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Kerry Simon and I have had a rather prickly relationship over the years. We both like each other on a personal level, but he hasn’t always liked what I’ve written and I haven’t always liked what he has cooked.

That said, we have a certain wary respect for the other’s craft — which usually leads us to warmly greet each other — even if, two minutes after hugs are exchanged, we start debating one of his recipes or one of my sentences.

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Hot Hostess Watch – Yvette and Ashley at HONEY SALT

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Before ELV had even a moment to think up some clever/catchy/juvenile/suggestive moniker for this pulchritudinous pair people pleasers at Honey Salt, Yvette (or maybe it was Ashley), described their dynamic duality thusly: “I’m sweet and she’s savory,” said Yvette (or maybe it was Ashley), and from that point on, we had no qualms about commenting upon their deliciousness.

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What’s New in Vegas at

As ELV’s loyal readers know, if you want to keep up with what’s new on the Las Vegas dining and restaurant scene, the best way to do so is to read this website.

But occasionally, our good friend, best-selling author/food maven/world renowned restaurant/wine critic John Mariani asks us to chime in on his Website, which we recently did as you’ll see by clicking here…or by continuing to read after the break.

(Tip #1: The article is an easier read on Mariani’s Website.) (Tip #2: Our regulars will note that this article is a slightly truncated/slightly sanitized/better edited version of what we published at this address some weeks ago.)

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