DW BISTRO Lunch – Learning to Overcome a Loathing

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ELV hates turkey burgers. He hates the idea of turkey burgers. He hates anything that pretends to be something it’s not (tofu lasagna, vegetarian meatloaf, soy milkshakes, Charlie Sheen as an interesting human being…you get the picture).

So, he was a bit nonplussed by the alacrity with which he polished off his DW Bistro turkey burger yesterday. Maybe it was its juiciness (a rarity), or the slathering of jerk spice (bringing serious heat) or the mango pear apple chutney…whatever…it was the tastiest non-burger burger we’ve ever had.

Our companion’s slow-cooked, New Mexican red chile pork disappeared awfully quickly too, and neither dish needed even a drop from the Pickapeppa hot sauces that decorate every table.

We were also impressed with how busy DWB was. Populated with ladies who lunch, and quite a few professionals…way out in the Southwest part of town. Earlier in the week we found the same thing at its neighbor, Khoury’s, giving us hope for the proliferation of good taste in this part of town.

Unfortunately, since both are 15+ miles from our humble abode, we can’t just drop by for a tasty bite…but we wish we could.

Our lunch for two came to $30 including tip.


6115 South Fort Apache Road

Las Vegas, NV 89148-6739



DW BISTRO – First Bites

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There’s a reason you (meaning: a meaningful critic) need to visit a restaurant more than once before publishing a review. And that reason is: sometimes one meal doesn’t give the proper measure of a place, or perhaps, even worse, you may form conclusions about the overall cooking based on a few dishes that the kitchen happened to do either especially well, or poorly that day.

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