Italian Smackdown – SIRIO v. CIRCO

The question needs to be asked: Which is the better Italian restaurant: Circo or Sirio?

The answer is: It depends.

If it’s top flight Italian cheeses and salumi you’re after, Sirio gets the nod. Lamb chops have you licking your chops? Then you won’t find better ones than Chef Vincenzo Scarmiglia’s Pecorino Romano crusted loin ones at Sirio.

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Hot Hostess Watch – Susanna at CIRCO

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Like the food at this Bellagio mainstay, Susanna is surpassingly sweet, savory, and (dare we say it?) succulent as she sashays about Circo supremely supplying succor to the citizens of this lip-smacking circus.

Oh yeah…there are two other people in the picture too…neither of whom exactly rings ELV’s chimes, but each of whom (The Food GalĀ® assures us) is superlative to see, and mas diablo enough to supplement Susanna’s appearance in this snap.

Their names are Fabian (ForliniCirco’s GM) and William (Moss – its super Master Sommelier), and whatever their talents (which are many), we prefer looking at her.