ELV’s Thought for the Day

Research tell us that fourteen out of any ten individuals like chocolate. – Sandra Boynton

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Scientific research may tell us that, but a little birdie told ELV that Megan Romano‘s Chocolate & Spice will be opening on West Sahara in less than two weeks.

Another birdie told Joe Romano to stand to the right of his wife, looking directly into the sun, so we could get a better picture of her.

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SUGAR FACTORY Fractiousness

ELV’s Invariable Inverse Endorsement Postulate: The quality of anything is inversely proportional to the number of celebrities endorsing it.

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Let’s get a few things out of the way right away: The Sugar Factory is a “concept” restaurant, carefully calculated to corral casino crowds to consume its confections. It neither aspires to be, or can compete with, the better three-meal-a-day joints around town like Simon, MOzen, The Verandah, et al. Its competition is places like the Cheesecake Factory, Serendipity 3, and whatever and wherever sappy, shocking, over-the-top, sweet, sugary succulence is being supplied to our slack-jawed citizens.

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