CENTRAL – First Bites (and Impressions)

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As luck would have it, ELV ran into three notable restaurant people this past weekend. Each had been to Central at Caesars and each had a definite opinion about it. Here are tidbits of some of the conversations:

Well Known Executive Chef at Famous Restaurant Group (WKECAFRG): “I love the concept. If I had it (right off the Caesars check-in lobby), I’d do 15 mil a year…(but) some of my food was in-ed-ible. The deviled eggs were spoiled and the shrimp cocktail was cheap, frozen shrimp with a mostly Heinz ketchup sauce.”

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CENTRAL Set to Open Tuesday

ELV update: Now they’re telling us it will open Wednesday, September 7th.

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Why is this Frenchman (and the Frenchmen below) smiling? Because Central (sen-TRAL) is set to open this Tuesday in Caesars Palace — right smack next to the front valet and check-in desks — making it overnight the busiest three-meal-a-day restaurant in town. Correction: It will be the busiest 24-hour-a-day restaurant in town. The plan is for Central never to close, making it the go-to spot for those seeking quality late night bites…instead of the Peppermill/Denny’s-grade food most late night revelers are stuck with.

Hmmm…a chef-driven restaurant that never closes? A first for Las Vegas (or anywhere) to be sure, and one that will be fascinating to watch…and sample…at all hours of the day.

Corporate Executive Chef David Deshaies tells Eating Las Vegas the menu will be substantially similar to the James Beard Award-winning fare of the original Central in Washington (D. C., not Kansas), with a menu expansion of perhaps 20-30% to accommodate the international tastes of the Vegas tourist market.

Michel Richard’s steak frites, cheeseburger, fried chicken, rotisserie chicken and desserts are already legendary, so we’re guessing things are about to get even tastier around Caesars Palace….and al fresco dining — something long and inexplicably ignored by Vegas hotels — is about to get another delicious shot in the arm.

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In Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino

3570 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109



CENTRAL Plywood Report!

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ELV hates to go all EaterLA on you, but his staff thought you’d like to see some snaps of what’s going on with the construction of Central (pronounced sen-TRAL) over at Caesars Palace. Expect this stylish café (pronounced ka-FAY) — replacing the old Augustus Café near the Caesars’ check-in desks) — to redefine the hotel coffee shop, featuring food from D.C.’s finest French chef —  Michel Richard (pronounced MEE-shel rish-ARD) — and to open sometime in September.

ELV suspects that, in food and appearance, it will greatly resemble Richard’s  original Central in downtown Washington (D. C. not Connecticut)…and that’ll be just peachy keen with us.