RESNICKS Rolls the Dice

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It’s tiny (three short aisles), carries only good stuff (there’s not a Slim Jim in sight), and has yet to get its beer and wine license (coming real soon). There’s even a dj turntable kit at the entrance — which is normally a signal to ELV to make a quick exit. But once you take a minute and stroll through, look at the produce, and notice this is the only retail outlet in town for Bon Breads fabulouso stuff…you realize itty bitty Resnicks is doing what no business in downtown has done in like…forever: bring good groceries to people living there.

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MARCHE BACCHUS Ups Its Game…as ELV Gets Ignored (sigh)

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Truth be told, we told our lunch companion/interview subject (Jennifer Curland of Bon Breads) to meet us at Marche Bacchus because we thought some good Burgundy would be just the thing to enhance the experience of watching her talk into her cell phone for the entire meal.

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