BLT BURGER on KLAS TV (CBS) Channel 8’s Dishing and Dining

Yes, sports fans….we finally found a restaurant (and food) that KLAS anchor Dave McCann likes:

…although they stop the video before we can watch the big guy take a bite.

And even though we didn’t have time on the air to mention BLT Burger’s chili, Hugh Alexander Curtas (The Official Number Two Son of ELV), tells us the chefs took our former criticism to heart, and now it’s better than ever.

Hamburgers, Hot Dogs….and Chili?

Just so you don’t think ELV’s gustatory grumblings are all about griottes, Gruyere and grenache (not to mention champagne, chanterelles and cerises…), here is an example of this weekend’s culinary adventures(?) so far.

As you can see, Chicago Hot Dogs on North Rancho Road is UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP, which, if experience is our guide in such things, means the food, ambiance, and service will change not a bit. (After all, the oeuvre of the Chicago hot dog allows for precious little in the way of creativity…)

You will also see an R-J “Best of…” sign in the window. Ignore it (as you always should). This place isn’t the best of anything.

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