Comments (Questions) of the Week

Regarding a Properly-Cooked Sausage

From The Reverend Chad Kroeger: Hey Choad.* Would you happen to have any good classic or unusual sausage recipes for a fellow foodie? Cooking sausage, not dry stuff like salami and shit. There’s all kinds on Google but hard to filter through 350,000,000 Nothing says lovin like getting real tanked and making sausages for yo peeps.

ELV responds: We could steer you to any number of cookbooks, but wethinks it better to give you our default sausage-sauteeing recipe — one that works for any uncured sausage — everything from andouille to Italian to Johnsonville brats.

ELV update: Since we completely misunderstood the question — thinking Rev Chad was looking to cook not make sausage, we suggest you read our answer for informational purposes only (after the jump), or skip directly to the oyster and blogging questions beneath it (which are much more entertaining).

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