Russell Gardner Has Got His Cicerone Goin’ On

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From the statement facial hair to his official cicerone certification, Public House‘s Russell Gardner announces he is the man to see when you’re brooding over what brew to order. He’s now featuring 24 taps and dozens of labels of sudsy esoterica that he will gladly sip and share with you — explaining (both in person and on the menu) how cans (yes, cans) are the preferred vessel for beers and ales not in the keg.

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HIMALAYAN CUISINE (or: Poundin’ Brewskis With Rajan)

Actually, “poundin’ ” is a lie. In fact, it’s as far from the truth as a truth about beer drinking can get.

Because when you drink beer with Rajan O. Dhungana, you do everything but pound. You sip. You savor. You discuss and you analyze. And while all of this is going on, there’s a fair amount of contemplation as well. Not contemplation in the “how drunk am I getting?” sense, but lots of thought about natural yeasts, bottle conditioning, triple fermentation, sediments and other sexy suds stuff.

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