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He was a great chef, as chefs go, and as chefs go, he went (and then came back again.) has it on good information that the talented, inventive, passionate, dedicated and baby-faced Adam Sobel, has re-joined Bradley Ogden as chef-consultant. Sobel, who is in his late 20’s but looks like he’s 14 to us, began his Las Vegas cooking career as sous chef at B.O. before seeking more exotic climes at the stoves of Guy Savoy; from where he departed for an ill-fated stint at the (now) pathetically dumbed-down and overpriced Company. Now he returns to the nest created by him and Bryan Ogden, with hopes of sustaining the glory that kitchen has been known for. If anyone can do it, we’re betting on Adam.

Click here to read Al Mancini’s current review of the post-Sobel Company in Citylife Las Vegas. Methinks Al is being kind. What started as an innovative restaurant (featuring Sobel’s cuisine with the able assistance of David Varley and Marcel “Call Me Wolverine” Vigneron) has devolved into just another overdecorated and overpriced Vegas steakhouse. You have been warned.

A Few Words With The Michelin Man

Jean-Luc Naret is the worldwide Director of Le Guide Michelin-truly the only go-to guide when it comes to rating restaurants. We caught up with him in San Francisco for a Q&A about Michelin’s quest for world restaurant guidebook domination:

John Curtas: In this time of instant gratification, text messaging and food bloggers, how does the Michelin Guide compete for the attention of the restaurant-going public?

Jean-Luc Naret: The more people paying attention to food and restaurants the better. It’s all good for gastronomy. We think that they will always end up coming to our guide because we hope we are thought of as the final word in restaurant ratings, and we certainly feel that we have the respect of the best chefs from around the world.

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Las Vegas, NV 89109


Wing Lei, at the Wynn, is the only Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant in America. Chef Richard Chen creates a menu that is fascinating (and manageable) whether you’re an Asian high-roller or someone who thinks sweet and sour pork is as exotic as it gets.

I’ve had two recent meals here-one a big deal, pull-out-all-the-stops one with John Mariani-the other anonymously-and both have been deeply flavorful and technically perfect.

The service is also some of the most polished in Vegas-and that’s really saying something.

Amazingly, I also found an Alsatian Tokay-Pinot Gris from Pierre Frick (’03) for $57 that went splendidly with the food. Has my friend-Danielle Price-uber-wino and Wynn Wine Director-heeded my entreaties and worked towards bringing affordable wines to the Wynn’s Murderer’s Row of restaurants? We’d like to think so, and thus are taking full credit for this fabulous Frick find….even if it isn’t deserved. ;-}

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