CENTRAL Reviewed in Las Vegas Weekly

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Whether or not you like Central (pronounced sen-TRAL) pretty much depends on whether you like your 24-hour-a-day casino restaurants to be ho-hum coffee shops or demand more from their food. Caesars Palace is gambling that this chef-driven spot right off its main lobby will satisfy the latter niche and raise the bar for dining and drinking for all three meals it serves. For two of those three, it seems to be succeeding. The third has a long way to go.

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BLUE RIBBON Reviewed in Las Vegas Weekly

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[nggallery id=1276]I don’t get Blue Ribbon. That doesn’t mean I don’t like it; it just means I don’t groove on its pricey, all-over-the-map menu. I’ve eaten there six times and never had a bad bite, but still can’t explain why it’s so appealing to everyone from fussy food-o-philes to the clippy cloppy heeled set. But wildly popular it is. Raw fish aficionados flock here, carnivores crave it, and women who’ve seen way too much Sex and the City practically use it as a private club. Maybe it all comes down to the fried chicken.

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Best Brunches in Las Vegas Weekly

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By: Jim Begley, John Curtas and Brock Radke

Thu, Jul 14, 2011 (midnight)


First’s cinnamon bun French toast

Beverly Poppe

The Weekly food crew guides you to the best Vegas has to offer in sweet, savory, delectable brunchiness.


Bar + Bistro This cozy space has held several restaurants over the past 10 years, none within a bouquerones’ width of what chef Beni Velazquez is doing with his modern tapas menu. A groovy new bar has added some urban cool to the space, and Velazquez’s Hangover Brunch keeps the joint jumpin’ with a cangrejo Benedict mofongo (lump crabmeat with plantain-garlic mash, topped with a fried quail egg), house-made black currant scones and a brioche/flan French toast that will soothe your hunger and headache simultaneously. For those who want to keep the party going, “recovery libations”—sangria, mojitos, Bloody Marys and mimosas—are only $5 apiece. At the Arts Factory, 107 Charleston Blvd., 202-6060. Brunch served Saturday & Sunday, 11 a.m.-3 p.m., dishes priced individually. —JOHN CURTAS

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