For Example…

ELV just saw a Budweiser commercial which claims that Anheuser-Busch “….might be America’s best known local* brewer.”

Which might might be the biggest crock of shit — from an industry that specializes in crocks of shit — we’ve ever heard.


* Anheuser-Busch makes over 11 billion bottles of beer a year, at thirteen different bottling plants**, and pockets almost $40 billion a year doing it.

** Local brewer my ass***.

*** Speaking of giant asses, that seems to be what this poor young woman has stuck on her ribcage:

[imagebrowser id=1859]

4 thoughts on “For Example…

  1. A-B, like most corporate behemoths (or perhaps, as a leading example) has done a great job for eons attaching itself to whatever is trending in the industry and shaking the life out of it like a pitbull with a tennis-ball-packed sock. Doing a great job with that ‘craft beer’ Shock Top (not to be confused with Coors’ Blue Moon).
    I am sure as they speak, they are trying to figure out how they can get a piece of the ‘irony’ dollars going to PBR right now. Whatever buzzword sells the stuff.

  2. I echo what Dorian notes. InBev is a Belgian/Brazillian company that bought out AB about six or seven years ago, I think. Nothing too local about that. That young lady’s chest looks like it could feed Belgium for a year or so, though.

  3. Seriously?? they said that?? That is horrid.

    Picture….also horrid. I hope she has a strong back…because she is going to be dead in the water in 10 years if she does not. Wowza.

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