Romantically Speaking, Things Have Changed Around Here

ELV stumbled across an old issue of Las Vegas Life magazine last week — the February 1999 issue to be precise — and looked up an old article of his about the “Most Romantic Restaurants” in town for Valentine’s Day. Thirteen years ago, his top 10 spots for romantic dining were:

1) Suzette’s (In the Santa Fe Hotel – yes, this was our #1 romantic restaurants…yikes!)

2) Palace Court (In Caesars — still missed)

3) Top of the World (still spectacular)

4) Monte Carlo Room (the gourmet room in the Desert Inn)

5) Prime (which remains one of the most gorgeous restaurants anywhere – see above)

6) Aristocrat (anyone remember it?)

7) Ferraro’s (pink neon and all)

8) Terraza (Caesars – where Rao’s now sits)

9) Stefano’s (singing waiters and all)

10) Le Cirque (which shows we had some good taste and sense even then)

If you saw us on Wake Up with the Wagners last Friday, you saw our list of most romantic, price is no object places today now includes:

– miX

– Eiffel Tower Restaurant

– Twist by Pierre Gagnaire

– Picasso

– Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare

– Le Cirque

– Prime

– Sage

A list that has, on the whole, much better food and nary a sliver of pink neon in sight.

3 thoughts on “Romantically Speaking, Things Have Changed Around Here

  1. the aristrocrat was in the shopping center on rancho and charleston. great food. it deserved a better location.

  2. I loved Stefano’s as a young adult when my family used to visit. Golden Nugget under Mr. Wynn had great food places.

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