Hot Hostess Watch – Kaytee at JALEO

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ELV, as is wont, shifts from high brow to low (and everything in between) at the blink of an eye. Therefore, we thought our loyal readers, after cogitating over 18th Century philosophical treatieses, might like to take a gander at Kaytee…both because she’s easy on the eyes (to say the least), and because you might enjoy her highly advanced professionalism after straining to understand writers who are a lot smarter than you and me.

ELV Takes Break, but Gives Something to Chew On

ELV NOTE: The following is an analysis of why critics and critical standards are necessary/desirable when applying a qualitative analysis to any object being judged — be it art, music or even food.

It was written by our #2 son as part of his master’s program in Philosophy at UNM (Go Lobos!), and uses lots of big words like “explication” and “sine qua non,” but our staff found it fascinating, nonetheless.

As restaurants criticism was still 50 years away when David Hume wrote his original essay, this analysis must be read with that in mind, but can easily be applied to food writing/criticism as well. it may be heavy sledding at times, but will give you something to chew on (and chew on and chew on), whilst ELV is traveling for the next ten days.

Critical Standards:

Hume and the Judgment of Taste

By Hugh Alexander Curtas (The Official Number Two Son of ELV)

The proceeding analysis will perform two roles with regard to David Hume’s 1757 essay “Of the Standard of Taste.” First, an explication of Hume’s notion of the “true critic” will be undertaken in order to pinpoint the role this important ideal plays in his overall theory. Second, I will argue that Hume’s conception of the true critic is a robust standard for artistic judgment that, in lieu of some minor alterations, should remain a regulative ideal for all aesthetic encounters.

The true critic is essential to Hume’s overall theory concerning a standard of taste because the true critic is himself the standard. Or, more precisely, it is the “joint verdict” of such true critics that “is the true standard of taste and beauty.”[1] Leaving aside, for the moment, the problem concerning whether or not such a critical consensus could actually exist, we must identify the ideal critic’s constitutive qualities.

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Hot Hostess Watch – Sumatra at D.O.C.G.

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We at ELV thought Sumatra was a West Indonesian island.

Or some kind of coffee.

Silly us.

She is certainly neither, but simply another successive reason to sup, sip and take sustenance at the succulently satisfying D.O.C.G. in The Cosmo.

And be seated by her, of course

Which, she says, will be just super with her superiors.

So she’ll see us soon.