Boy, The Food Gal® Sure Can Snore…

She weighs barely 8 stones, has the smoothest, whitest, prettiest skin we’ve ever seen, a sweet as cherry pie disposition, hardly drinks, never overeats, and possesses the cutest little button nose you’ll ever fall in love with….but boy, she snores more than a drunken sailor in a Cartegena whorehouse.

For this reason, we’re going on our two mile run* extra early this Sunday morning.

“Run,” of course, is just a figure of speech. It’s more like a slow trot. But it’s the reason ELV, though hardly svelte, doesn’t resemble Mr. Creosote. Our goal is to drop 10 lbs. in the next couple of months…but The Food Gal®, deep in her slumber, probably has fantasies more along these lines.

4 thoughts on “Boy, The Food Gal® Sure Can Snore…

  1. ELV responds:

    1) LOL…as the kids would say.
    2) re Troy Polee – We have never, and never have claimed to or run 3-5 miles at a time. At our most diligent, 3.5 miles/day is the most distance we have consistently pounded out on the pavement (hence the confusion) — but 2 miles/day seems about right for health and weight maintenance for our fading and fat body.
    3) re NPC – Hey! It’s ELV’s blog…and if we feel like posting baseball scores and opining on the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1933, this is what we’ll do…and why you can expect the occasional curveball (especially on Sunday mornings). ;-}
    4) Likely.

    Thanks to all for reading and caring enough to write…

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