ELV’s Accountant Says:

ELV’s accountant, whose name must, for national security purposes, remain confidential, but whose initials are: Bruce Bloch,* has asked ELV to occasionally remind his thousands of readers that he is also a lawyer-at-law.**

As in: ELV practices law.

As a lawyer.

He’s got big framed papers with lots of fancy lettering on them on his walls and everything.

Which means he takes clients…and everything.

For money.***

In fact, aside from his notoriety gained over the past fifteen years as The World’s Greatest Restaurant Critic**** ELV has also served as President of the Clark County Bar Association, on the State Bar Board of Govenors, and on numerous legal-eagle committees and such that are too numerous to mention and too boring to recount.

He also ran for judge once, but that didn’t work out so well.

Yup, ELV’s got mad skilz when it comes to ciphering, cogitatin’ and ruminatin’ over whatever, business, real estate or money mess youz gone an got yourselves into.

We actually go to court, all dressed up an’ such, and just talk. And here’s the good part: people pay us money….JUST TO TALK! (And to think, that’s the hard part.)

Is this is a great country or what?

Hell, that’s almost as good as being paid to eat.

Which is something else we’re good at.


* Bruce D. Bloch, CPA, A Professional Corporation

1401 Hillshire Drive, Suite 130

Las Vegas, NV 89134


** ELV’s ex-wives have also expressed interest in ELV publicizing this fact, as have his two sons, both of whom were recently apprised of what, one day, will be their pitifully small inheritance.

*** Please send your checks to:

Law Offices of John A. Curtas

317 South Sixth Street

Las Vegas, NV 89101


e-mail: John@Curtaslaw.com

**** Self-proclaimed, but also heartily endorsed as such by each of ELV’s ex-wives (and the long-suffering Food GalĀ®), all of whom eagerly await the day his food writing revenue exceeds the cost of his Burgundy habit.

6 thoughts on “ELV’s Accountant Says:

  1. Ahhh, it explains why you aren’t on tv or radio more often; got another day job. Keep up the great work of unfiltered and unbiased reviews. If I ever need help from a counselor of law, I know who to call.

  2. I have always believed in diversity.. not putting all your eggs in one basket.. I just didn’t realize the skill set for lawyering was the same one for foodie talking..interesting

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