Guy Fieri At UNLV’s Chef-Artist Series

This year’s event featured one of UNLV’s own — Food Network Star Guy Fieri — who returned to host and showcase the efforts of numerous UNLV Hotel School students as they strutted their stuff to an appreciative crowd of Las Vegas’s finest and foodiest movers and shakers.

The point of this yearly soiree — introduced and overseen by UNLV professor Dr. Pat Moreo — is to teach and display what our University’s finest have learned about the “art” of fine food and service.

All of this took place a month ago, but it happened in the midst of the Best Food Week Ever for Las Vegas, so ELV’s staff is just now getting around to posting the snaps. As you’ll see from the pics, the event was top drawer, thanks in no small part to Fieri — who was a good sport as he spent the day working with chefs and servers alike; helping everything to gel — just like his hair.


Best Food Week Ever – Parts Four And Five Preview

Tonight (in less than three hours) begins Part Four of ELV’s Best Food Week Ever. As part of the James Beard Foundation’s Taste America Event, ELV will be hosting a dinner at Fiamma at the MGM Grand (with an amazing meal + wines being offered by Carlos Buscaglia and Fabio Trabocci at the not-exactly-bargain-priced-but-all-for-a-worthy-cause cost of $350/per). As wonderful as the food (and the privately selected wine) is sure to be, you won’t want to miss ELV’s sparkling commentary on same — delivered with the twinkle-in-his-eye irony and rakish charm for which he is known.

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James Beard Foundation TasteAmerica Panelists Announced

From Hot Buffets to Haute Cuisine: Defining an American Food City and the Culinary Transformation of Las Vegas

On October 25th, as part of the JBF’s TasteAmerica event in Las Vegas, a panel discussion will take place at UNLV, featuring two of the most notable, honored and cranky food journalists of our time. Be there to watch Alan (The Hitman) Richman trade ego blows with Jeffery (The Man Who Ate Everything) Steingarten, while Elizabeth Blau, ELV and a chef to be named later observe with detached bemusement…and try to get a word in edgewise.

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