Getting Smashed with Class – Cocktails and Cuisine at Encore

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When you put master mixologists Steve Olson, Tony Abou-Ganim and Patricia Richards together at the same time, you can pretty much be assured that the good booze will be flowing.

Combine their talents with Italian nibbles from Theo Schoenegger and James Benson, and you have the booziest, funnest, and tastiest sippin’ seminar….ever.

It all took place beside the Encore pool and was packed with devotees of the cult of the cocktail. Surprisingly, the afternoon soiree was a remarkably sober affair for all the top shelf hooch being hand-crafted to a fare thee well.

Maybe that’s because Abou-Ganim’s acolytes are more interested in flavor, ingredients and technique than intoxication.

ELV of course, was only there to lap up the libations and plow through the potent potables.

And as you can see, the result of seven spectacular drinks before 5 PM wasn’t a pretty sight.

Sherry With Steve Olson

Attending a sherry tasting/seminar with wine and spirits guru Steve Olson, and virtually every Master Sommelier in town, can be an intimidating experience. But such is the respect that ELV has for (fellow Iron Chef America judge) Olson, that he forgot how little he knows about this fortified wine, and plopped himself down at a seat for a special luncheon at RM Seafood, to hear Olson expound upon the joys and complexities of this underrated product of Southern Spain.

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