EATING LAS VEGAS – The 50 Essential Restaurants – 38. I-NABA

38. I-NABA

Yoshi Honda’s I-Naba is more than just a jewel box of Japanese cooking; it is a state of mind: a peaceful retreat, practically hidden, difficult to find, that can soothe jangled nerves and calm finicky waters.

There is nothing fancy about it. A dozen or so tables, some simple art on the walls, and a wine cooler about the size of  a household fridge give scant indication of the subtle perfection coming out of this tiny kitchen.

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I-NABA = Soba-licious

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Favorite foodie friend Dr. Keita Sakon alerted us to the opening of this place yesterday, and, always on the lookout for pristine Japanese eats, we zeroed in on the location like a Zeke heading for the Ticonderoga. (Okay, maybe that’s not the best analogy, since those Zeros were trying to kill Anthony John (Cutsumpas) Curtas – 1926-2006 – the Official Father of ELV, but you get the idea.)

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