Is Cuban Food a Bad Joke? Part Deux

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Undaunted, we walked down to Rincon Criollo today for lunch, and found the food superior to that at the Florida Cafe, but, yet again, strangely underseasoned.

The Cubano sandwich was better…if only because the barely-cumin-scented pork was richer, juicier and tastier (and there was more of it – for $6!), but once again, NO MUSTARD and ONE MEASLY PICKLE! Whassup with that?

Not being experts on Fidel’s food, we at ELV can’t say whether pickles and mustard are “authentic” or not. But on the good Cuban sandwiches we’ve had in Florida, they came standard, and for our taste buds, all that pork on pork on pork needs a counterpoint to set the richness of the meat in sharp relief.

But we shall return! Because the place was packed, the service was great, and you could tell the joint has some real mojo. Besides, the folks at this website really like it.


1145 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89104