Click here to read this article featured today on John Mariani’s The Virtual Gourmet ( Yes, it’s true we’ve given RC/BC lots of love on this site over the past year, but that’s mainly because: 1) They need it; and 2) They deserve it. (In terms of kick-ass cooking, these two rival the best in town. In terms of rumors about their imminent demise, they lead the pack.)

Click here to hear ELV speak a truncated version of these words on KNPR (this past Thursday) in the mellifluous tones for which he is known.


“Why wouldn’t we be?” is the answer Charlie Trotter gives me when I ask him if his Las Vegas location is going to weather the economic storm and stay open. “Business is down in Chicago and everywhere about 20%,” he continues, and private parties have disappeared (people won’t book because they think it’s bad form), but we’re working harder and trimming labor costs and still think Restaurant Charlie provides a serious value for the level of cooking we’re doing.”

And after half a dozen meals there in the past year, I couldn’t agree with him more.