Eating (and Drinking) Northern Nevada – by Greg Thilmont

Bento boxes, Cornish pasties and Picon punch? Who says there’s no good eatin’ in Northern Nevada? Actually, we have. But that’s only because we didn’t know what we were talking about. Below, food friend, former Las Vegan and now Salt Lake City writer-in-residence Greg Thilmont explores the best eats in some out-of-the-way (and not so out-of-the-way) spots way up north:

While Las Vegas is the undisputed epicenter of cuisine in Nevada,
there’s plenty noteworthy eating and drinking to be done up north in
the Silver State—some for historical reasons, some for surprising
novelty. I took a gustatory drive through the Great Basin last week,
and here are some highlights of my picturesque trip.

A Picon punch in the sweetbreads

Northern Nevada (along with southwestern Idaho and northeastern
California) is the heartland of North American Basque culture. In
Basque-style restaurants, dinners are served family style, meaning
many sides and multiple courses. Stopping in Winnemuccca, I chose to
dine at the the Martin Hotel, a bar/eatery/meeting place located in a
historic building right against the railroad tracks—the location
seemed fitting for a food-oriented journey.

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