Pondering the Peripatetic Perplexities of PUB 1842

Something for everyone generally means nothing for any one. – ELV

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The above photo is also there as proof positive that ELV loves Michael Mina — the chef and his restaurants. We like the guy, too, and consider the “Egyptian Wolfgang Puck” to be something of a genius in being able to pull off multiple concepts, in multiple locales, and keeping the quality of his product very high.

When you think about it, only Puck does it better, and Mina, now with 19 restaurants, is nipping at his heels.

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Time Worn and Treasured – JOEL ROBUCHON on KNPR

Joël Robuchon’s coming to Vegas in 2005, was, according to then-Gourmet magazine’s then-editor Ruth Reichl “…the single most important event in American gastronomy in the past 50 years.” ELV obviously agreed and devoted two commentaries/reviews (on Sept. 22 and 29, 2005) to his restaurants, that you can listen to by clicking here and here, if you want to hear about the event in the mellifluous, sonorous, sententious and senatorial tones for which he was known.