Cornering the Crab Market

ELV normally avoids restaurants with video poker like:

> Donald Trump avoids humility,

> Adam Sandler dodges humor,

> Republicans ignore climate science, and

> Chuck Norris does Buddhism.

He does this because any restaurant with video poker machines is more interested in taking ready cash from slot junkies than it is about the preparation of its food. (Or, as his dear departed dad once said: “Owning any sort of gambling operation is perfect capitalism: it’s a business without a product. They give you money; you give them hope.”)

But there it was, Crab Corner, staring us in the face, and we knew from experience (at this and the sister restaurant across town), that a well-fried hunk o’ lump, Maryland blue crab meat might be just the thing to keep us from getting too crabby. We also remembered Old Bay chips and decent tartar sauce, so we grabbed a table outside (away from the smokey drunks and stupidity around the bar) and dove in. What showed up was as good as you can hope for, 2, 143 miles from the Chesapeake Bay: Continue reading “Cornering the Crab Market”

The Smiths Give ELV the Crabs

The secret to eating crabs is to remove the shell from the meat, not the meat from the shell. – John Mathew Smith (Wine executive, Burgundy lover, crab junkie)

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If you think meat is murder, then ELV suggests gettin’ crabby at Crab Corner. If you’re lucky, John and Irene Smith, formerly of Wilmington (Delaware, not North Carolina) will be there to give you a lesson in carefully calibrated, coordinated and creative crab cracking.

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