This Just In: EATING LAS VEGAS – The 50 Essential Restaurants to go On-Line

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Attention all foodies and Las Vegas food fans. What remains of EATING LAS VEGAS The 50 Essential Restaurants will soon be available on this Web site.

By that we mean the portions written by yours truly will soon become an integral part of, and will be available for your delectation and commentation(?), as well as being continually updated by ELV to provide readers, locals and tourists with the most current information and opinion available on the top restaurants in town.

Our staff will soon be posting the entire text of our top 50 picks from the 2013 edition, and over the next few months we will endeavor to revise and update the list, restaurant by restaurant.

The first thing we’ll do, however, is publish a new list of our 50 Essential Restaurants — as soon as we’ve had the opportunity to glean through and edit the old one.

And finally, before you ask: Al Mancini had no interest in doing another book (so we’ll leave him to pursuits more befitting a man of his talents), and Max Jacobson continues on his slow road of recovery from his terrible accident. That’s why the book will continue with yours truly at the helm for the time being.

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As ELV’s loyal readers know, if you want to keep up with what’s new on the Las Vegas dining and restaurant scene, the best way to do so is to read this website.

But occasionally, our good friend, best-selling author/food maven/world renowned restaurant/wine critic John Mariani asks us to chime in on his Website, which we recently did as you’ll see by clicking here…or by continuing to read after the break.

(Tip #1: The article is an easier read on Mariani’s Website.) (Tip #2: Our regulars will note that this article is a slightly truncated/slightly sanitized/better edited version of what we published at this address some weeks ago.)

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