Kickin’ It Old School at the CARMEL ROOM

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ELV had to be talked into going to the Carmel Room, but he’s glad he was. He endured the short stroll through the crappy casino to discover a charming restaurant that is everything the Golden Steer ought to be but isn’t. It’s a kitschy-kool, fun, basic, old-line Vegas steakhouse, with a menu straight from 1972, presented with reasonable prices in a decor (and furnishings) that won’t have you afraid to look in the corners.

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Bocuse d’Or USA

Bocuse d’Or USA concluded last weekend in Orlando, Florida with pretty much every top toque in the American/French food world being present. After years of being creamed by foreign teams, the U.S. of A. decided to get serious this year with its competition — in order to field the strongest two-person team it could for the international cooking contest to be held in Lyon, France in January ’09.

Photos by Valeria Rispoli

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