Time Worn and Treasured – Toasting on KNPR

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ELV note: We recorded this at KNPR in December, 2004, and you can listen to us perform the script in the mellifluous, whimsical and melancholy tones for which we were known by clicking on the link below. Happy New Year 2012!


You’re Toast!

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Happy New Year, Great Saturnalia, Season’s Greetings or Yumpin’ Yule– however you celebrate the shortest days of the year, I’m sure food (and especially drink), has a lot to do with it. And since all holiday celebrations begin or end with a toast, I thought some information about how all that clinking of glasses came about, might be fun, and provide some good conversation fodder should you find yourself trapped behind a punchbowl with nothing witty to say.

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LE CIRQUE: A Table In Heaven on HBO reviewed on News 88.9 FM KNPR – Nevada Public Radio

My favorite scene in the new HBO Documentary: Le Cirque: A Table In Heaven takes place in, of all places, a McDonald’s. Right there in the middle of a Mickey D’s you find the Maccioni family, the closest thing to restaurant royalty in America, munching on Big Mac’s as they ponder and chew on the future of their family business.

To hear ELV read this script in the melodic tonal tenor for which he is known, click here. Otherwise, continue reading after the jump.

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