Saturday Pot Luck (ELV Gets His Kabobs Konfused)

ELV update: Due to circumstances beyond our control,* we inadvertently called Flame Kebob the Kebab Palace when we posted this on Saturday. We also put the wrong address down. Too many kebab restaurants is our only excuse…making the distinguishing of them difficult when looking through a directory. Complete sobriety would also help when doing such research. ELV regrets the error.

You won’t find a better cocktail in Vegas than the deceptively simple Comme Çi (“like this”) at Comme Ça (“like that”).

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Despite the name, what it really is is a daiquiri with a higher education — it’s baccalaureate coming in the form of a cucumber and fresh ground black pepper garnish. It is elegant and refreshing and oh so sophisticated coming as it does in a very civilized cocktail coup….the sort that Nick and Nora Charles used to imbibe from. While you’re sipping, be sure and order one of Brian Howard’s charcuterie platters, his potted steak tartare (love the raw egg garnish), and an end of the season heirloom tomato salad with tomato sorbet that looks like a tuna tartare and tastes like a wistful, last sense of summer.

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