Return to OCHA THAI

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Remember when we went Thai restaurant hopping with uber-chef Jet Tila (Jet Tila’s Tale of Two Thais)? ELV put his choice of a Thai restaurant up against the Jet-sters and we had to begrudgingly agree that Tila’s choice that night (Krung Siam) was the fresher, more vibrant, and cleaner of the two when it came to bringing forth the flavors and heat of true Thai cooking.

We returned to both in the last two weeks, and can’t tell you who or what is wrong with Krung, but our simple meal there of shrimp in a Thai curry sauce, Thai pork jerky and papaya salad was the worst Thai food we’ve ever had. Continue reading “Return to OCHA THAI”

Whole Foods Quickfire Challenge

Chefs cheffed, judges judged, and the crowd crowded in for a pressure-packed quickfire challenge at Whole Foods last weekend pitting Rene Lenger (Switch), Jet Tila (Wazuzu), Bianca Freeny (Whole Foods), Kuldeep Singh (Origin India) and Jean Paul Labadie (Marche Bacchus) against each other in a throwdown over who could cook think up and cook the tastiest dish (from a randomly selected protein) in 45 minutes.

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