This Just In – Saipin Chutima, Jose Andres Win James Beard Awards

Good evening Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea.

Item: José Andrés wins James Beard Award tonight for Outstanding Chef.

Item: Saipin Chutima of our very own Lotus of Siam ties with some guy from Austin, Texas for Best Chef Southwest. (In other words: The Thai tied.)

Item: Most of the major awards go to New York City chefs and restaurants. (Filed under: So What Else Is New?)

Item: Gabriel Rucker of Le Pigeon in Portlandia, Oregon wins rising star chef.

Item: Robert (Lucci) Smith and Picasso get passed over for the fifth time for Outstanding Wine Service.

Item: ABC Kitchen, one of the New York restaurants ELV did vote for, wins Best New Restaurant.

Item: Click here for the complete list of winners.

Item: In his capacity as a JBF voter, ELV vows to continue nominating, lobbying and voting for Smith until justice is done!