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The only problem with the $10, three course lunch at Opus Too in the International Culinary School in Henderson is only two more days are available to dine there (next Tuesday and Wednesday) before it closes for a break. It will then re-open on July 15th.

If you can reserve a table at the tiny, 32 seat dining room, do so. because it not only helps these students hone their craft, it’s also the best friggin’ deal in town for a three course, hand-made, finely-tuned French lunch.

And did we mention that the whole kit and kaboodle costs ten bucks?

For food like a savory lamb stew, fried goat cheese salad, and sweet, properly sauteed scallops — followed by desserts that would be right at home at any high falutin’ Strip restaurant.

Instructor/Chefs Claude Cevasco and Edward Shortsleeve (Claude, French to the bone; Edward, of Algonquin Indian lineage) oversee what is actually a living classroom — the students rotate through in 33 day cycles — with every one of them working as a chef and waiter, in equal portions, during that time.

All of the food is made according to classic (mostly French) preparations, and most of it will have you dropping your fork in appreciation. In fact, the onion soup — a deeply rich, long-cooked,  onion-laden classic stock, capped with good Gruyere — is among the best versions we’ve had, anywhere. Ditto the pretzel bread. And the jelly roll cake.

The menus change every week, so what we enjoyed will be a dim memory by the time a new kitchen crew starts experimenting. But the tiny space, and those students, are so charming, you are guaranteed a good time.

One more thing, the place, when it IS open, only serves lunch and dinner Tues.-Weds.-Thurs.. So if you don’t get in next week, you’ll have to wait for the summer session to start to get a taste of Las Vegas’ best restaurant bargain.

Believe ELV…it’s worth the wait.

Lunch at Opus Too is $10; dinner is $15. The food would be worth it at twice the price. There is a small, moderately-priced wine list.


At the International Culinary School

2350 Corporate Circle

Henderson, NV 89074