Sarah Johnson: Beermeister Extraordinaire

With the new director of F&B over at the Mandalay Bay getting all sorts of attention for being a Cicerone (the beer version of a sommelier, for those not in the know), the beer-loving eyes of the food community have been waiting for a little insight into what Sarah Johnson has in mind.  Those of you who have been obsessively glazing over this year’s schedule of events for Bon Appetit’s Vegas Uncork’d will have already noticed a new event among the Robuchon Luncheons and conspicuously consumed caviar, a BEER GARDEN!  I’ll give you all a second to fish the monocle out of your champagne.


Yes, Hubert Keller talked himself into another DJ set, but this time his beatboxing ministrations will be to the tune of an Alsatian Brasserie menu by himself and consistent partner-in-crime Chef Laurent Pillard.  PROBABLY going to be the coolest of the events, and no less cool for the help of the main beerographer, Sarah Johnson.  The smart and witty and sexually attractive people who read my stuff may remember a very cool pairings dinner where Sarah and Aureole Sommelier had a fun little competition of the pairings sort.

So I thought, “Hey, let’s talk to Sarah Johnson.  Get inside her dome-piece.  Slowly assimilate her life Write a cool little interview, innocently.”  Here’s the straight dope, people.

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