Fat Choy: the Skinny On Sheridan Su’s New Digs

"Yum Yum" indeed, sign.

Adherents to Sheridan’s previous venture in the Great Bao food truck and 4-seat salon Bao counter (famously dubbed the Worst Location in Town) may already know about the barely-month-old FAT CHOY.  The man has a following in the throngs of dedicated food lovers, adeptly tuned to the frequency of our town’s unique blend of street food-style eateries.  Here’s the word on Fat Choy: It’s not all Baos (though they have two), it’s in the Eureka Casino (more on that later), and there has been something like a 1000% increase in seating.

The space has some character!

Take heed: there are some hold-overs from the casino diner that inhabited the space before Fat Choy that can bamboozle a less skeptical eater.  The cheesesteak, the buffalo wings, salads, and the breakfast menu (excluding the Kalbi steak and eggs special on the chalk board) are NOT any kind of deconstructed/asian-fusion/re-imagined/[insert buzzword here] version, they are crowd favorites that just need to be there.  The desserts chiller is also mainly items from the casino’s main service, not unique to Fat Choy.  The Eureka casino is definitely a haven for the “regulars” surgically grafted into the slot machines, but honestly I can’t in good conscience (and as a Las Vegas native) complain about them.  Besides, if you want to look at it Machiavelli-style, the means of a small locals casino and a couple of bar food items certainly justifies the ends of Fat Choy.  Besides, there’s a certain novelty to seeing basic hot wings next to menu items like, for example, roasted bone marrow.  A halved beef femur, roasted with just a little bit of salt and pepper, topped with tangy and sweet onion jam and served with grilled sourdough.  Of the few places in town where fans of this buttery rich delicacy can order it, this is easily the easiest way to get your fix.

Maybe Sheridan can do a "Great Bone" food truck.

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The Worst Location(s) in Town

Eating Las Vegas will be handing out its major restaurant awards in another two weeks. These will include all of those categories that were bestowed on worthy recipients by KNPR (and later the Desert Companion magazine) for the past ten years or so. Unfortunately, the powers that be at Nevada Public Radio seem to have other things on their minds these days (college costs, Utah immigration, zombie subdivisions), so recognition for Chef of the Year, Restaurant of the Year, Excellence in Service and Management (among others) will be coming from this website and not from the traditional bestow-er of these accolades.

In the meantime, we thought we’d start the holiday season with recognition of a certain dubious distinction: that of the worst place in town for a restaurant.

Our first nominee is Sabi’s Thai Kitchen:

[nggallery id=1471]

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