Fear and Loathing with Lost Vegans

For those of you that don’t know, I have taken a position at Las Vegas CityLife, doing basically what I do here. Part and parcel to the difference of “dead trees and ink” style journalism is a word limit, but this fella has got an engine in him that knows no word limits. Here is the unabridged 900-word version of my account on a small vegan food fest. The 600-ish word version is linked below on the CityLife page. Enjoy!

Your pal,
Mitchell Wilburn


When I rolled in to the red stone brutalist Clark County Library and passed the various
gaggles of early readers and free WiFi abusers, I considered the great possibility of harm
that would come to me if I was found out. The particular face of a political cartoon style
vegan – OWS-issue homemade riot gear, canteen of “50 serving a day” kale smoothie,
gender studies degree from U.C. Santa Cruz – is a character I would think memorizes
the face of anyone extolling the virtues of corn vs. grain govage foie gras. My beef
gravy flavored can of mace still hadn’t come from www.vegan-defence.co.uk, so I went
relatively unarmed.

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