PAYARD BISTRO Reviewed in Las Vegas Weekly


Payard’s tomato mozzarella salad

Photo: Beverly Poppe

If this place was easier to find, it would have a line out the door all day long. As it is, you can stand directly in front of the pâtisserie portion of the operation and not be aware there’s a cozy, comfortable and kick-ass 40-seat bistro adjacent to all those wonderful pastries and chocolates.

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Eating New York (2009)

Why do we heart NYC so much? Is it the energy we get from walking the streets? The true twenty-four hour nature of the city? Its culture, arts and museums? The throbbing heartbeat of a place pulsating with vitality no other city can touch? Or is it the world city you see on the streets — a cross-cultural stew of sites, sounds and smells that is a constant source of wonderment and allows no room for boredom?

Sure it’s all that, but mainly we love it because the food is so fucking good.

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Lenotre in the Paris Hotel and Casino is the best patisserie in Las Vegas. Nothing else is even close.

Some might argue for Jean-Philippe Maury’s creations in the Bellagio, but we’ve always found them too touristy and unimaginative. Others may prefer Francois Payard’s in Caesars — and there’s no denying the lusciousness of his creams, chocolates, cakes and mille-feuille — but the selection is limited.

The only other real competition comes from the Wynn’s boulanger Boris Villat and head patissier Frederic Robert, but they don’t even have a shop. (Their breads and pastries are stunning, but you have to hunt and peck among the Wynn’s eateries to find their creations.) Shame, shame, shame on you Wynn Hotel!

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