In Case You Missed It…OMG! ELV at FN on ICA was A-OKAY

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In case you missed it, Iron Chef America aired Battle Tilapia last night on Food Network.

ELV missed it, because no one gave him fair warning the episode was about to air. We found out at dinner at Due Forni, where they were nice enough to bump the football game for a few minutes to watch us try to treat tilapia as something trenchantly tasteful.

The episode will be repeated this coming Saturday at 5 pm.

Battle Tilapia

Episode IA1018H

Tune in:

Dec. 17th, 2011

5:00 PM ET/PT

Iron Chef Marc Forgione battles young New York-based chef Nick Curtin in Kitchen Stadium.

For the record, Marcella Ruth Schroader Curtas (d.o.b. 8.10.24 – The Official Mother of ELV) insists that we set the record straight about Mrs. Paul’s Fish Sticks. “I never served them to you,” she claims. If not, ELV has no idea where he developed such a loathing for the crispy little fishy fritters.

America’s Best Premiers Next Week on Food Network

ELV note: America’s Best hits the airwaves and ether next Monday night and will broadcast each of its four episodes, in succession, on the following three evenings.”Why,” you are asking yourself right about now, “is ELV taking such a keen interest in a Food Network premier?” Well, it just so happens that the World’s Greatest Restaurant Critic* will be featured among the many talking heads/food writers/gourmands/chefs/mixologists/raconteurs who will be weighing in on everything from what makes a perfect steak, to where you can find the best comfort food in America.

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New York Stories

ELV note: As most of you know, ELV hearts the Big Apple. He lived just outside of it (in Danbury, CT) between 1985-1990, and never tires of its energy and its eateries. Below is a quick travelogue of our four days there last week, concentrating on — what else? — food and restaurants. Some misguided souls (like The Food Gal®) are under the impression there are things to do in New York City other than eat and drink, and for this they have our sympathies.

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