FOOD INC. – An Essential Movie

We at ELV really don’t like movies. As with most fiction and music, We consider most of them a waste of time.

We sort of make an exception for art, because great art makes you think. And when is the last time you could say that about some Hollywood film?

But occasionally a movie comes along with a message that makes you do just that….a message that entertains and informs and has you thinking about it long after you leave the theatre.

And Food Inc. is just such a film. It is a movie that sheds such a strong and important light on what we shove into our mouths everyday, that you cannot afford not to see it.

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There’s No Niman In Niman Ranch Anymore

Bill Niman used to supply us with our favorite beef and pork products at Trader Joe’s. Over the last year or so, they’ve become increasingly less visible on those shelves — just as Bill Niman gradually became less visible at the company he founded, until he was forced out last year for being a bad businessman. Funny how no one called him that for twenty-five years, as he and partner Orville Schell were building up the company with meat products every chef in America coveted.

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