Quick Bites – ECHO & RIG Meat

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ELV is constantly hearing tips and rumors about what’s going on in Vegas’s food and restaurant world. He wishes he had a dollar for every time someone tells him some restaurant is “about to close,” or some chef “just quit,” or vendors “aren’t being paid” and everyone is “deserting a sinking ship.”

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ECHO & RIG Has ELV Beating His Meat

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Let’s get one thing straight right from the get go: The name Echo & Rig means nothing. There is no Mr. Echo (or his Bunnymen); there is no Mrs. Rig.

The name is made up, contrived by management and conceived by contest — a competition, we were told, among employees to come up with a unique-sounding name. The name is catchy alright, but it also tells you nothing about the establishment. Thus, is the concept, like its cognomen , more than a bit confusing.

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