What’s Hot Now! Eater.com Vegas Heat Map

What’s hot in our humble burg? Besides the sidewalks?  See the list of muy caliente eateries below — all compiled by the  mega-foodie-website www.Eater.com and a certain critic we all know and love. (You’ll have to click on the Eater site to see the actual map.)

One caveat and one apology: The map quotes an outdated review of Bar + Bistro of ours (when it was doing a spaghetti and meatball menu). As readers of this website know, the nuevo/Latino/tapas food being done by Beni Velazquez has been a vast improvement. Also, Due Forni should also have been on the list. ELV regrets the error.

The Eater Las Vegas Heat Map: Where to Eat Right Now

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