Summer Dish Review – Chicken Sandwich at GLUTTON

Because everything tastes better on a pretzel roll.

And because no one does a better chicken sandwich than Bradley Manchester at Glutton.

Although, now that we think about it, the one down the street at Carson Kitchen is pretty damn good too:

Balance, sauce, bread and spice: each of these has it in spades. And each is made by a chef who’s trying to make you the best damn sandwich he or she can, every time you order one.

Which is often. Which is why we love eating in Downtown Las Vegas. And why Downtown Las Vegas is pretty much the sandwich capital of the world.

Can you prove that it isn’t true?




The Goodwitch of the North

Damn man, damn.  I have been so consistently wowed by this place, that I’ve been going back about twice a week.  It does help that it is five  minutes away from my hip (and only slightly dangerous) digs in “The Downtown”, but I would drive from Summerlin consistently and even bear slumming it in Dino’s (and I REALLY don’t like Dino’s) to enjoy these seriously bad-ass sandwiches.

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DU-PAR’S Delights at Lunch

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ELV has great hopes for the future of downtown dining. But keep in mind, ELV has had high hopes for the future of downtown dining 15 times in the past 30 years.

Until a game changer comes along (like The Plaza, we’re hoping), we’ll content ourselves with the meagre pickins available north of Charleston — stone crabs at El Cortez, El Sombrero’s green chile, The Beat’s sandwiches — and the absolutely, positively, no-doubt-about-it-best-flapjacks-and-French-toast available, practically….anywhere.

This pain perdue (“lost bread” as the frogs call it) is so crispy without and custard-y within, one order won’t be enough. For you avid home cooks, here’s a tasty and easy-to-follow recipe that will have your family clamoring for more.

But wait, there’s more!

Not only does Du-par’s do superior breakfast food, its chicken pot pies, patty melt, meatloaf and club sandwiches are also things of beauty….and perfect for a downtown lunch or late-night dinner…especially after pounding a few highbrow libations up and down all those classy joints lining Fremont.

Artful cuisine, this is not. Rather, it is rib-sticking diner food made with good ingredients, and some pride in the kitchen. Something rare indeed along this boulevard of broken dreams.

Mainly ELV’s.

Our lunch for five with food enough for seven came to $81.00, and we left a $19.00 tip.


In the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino

1 Fremont Street

Las Vegas, NV 89101