DISH Delivers Despite Mistral


Such are the vicissitudes of fate that the weather couldn’t have been worse (unless it had been sleeting) for DISH (Three Square’s inaugural event at the Springs Preserve) on Friday night. A more noble charity is hard to find, yet all the good Three Square does in feeding hungry children and needy adults took a backseat to the elements.

But over 500 brave and charitable souls (out of over a thousand tickets sold) braved 40 mph winds and 50 degree temperatures to eat some off-the-hook great food and laugh their asses off.

Clint Holmes and Susan Anton sang, the entire chef corps of Wynn/Encore cooked, and even Oscar Goodman pretended to like solid food for a change for this worthwhile cause.

From a foodie standpoint, those Wynn/Encore top toques stole the show with ten barbecuing/grilling stations ranging from Wes (Boulud Brasserie) Holton’s daikon choucroute with boudin blanc to David (SW Steakhouse) Walzog’s prime sirloin sliders (stuffed with wild mushrooms and Ribollita cheese). As the ever-shrinking Alex (ALEX) Stratta (minus 70+ pounds), patrolled the stations, Rene (Country Club Grill) Lenger and Theo (Sinatra) Schoenegger grilled lamb chops, Marc (Switch) Poidevin dished up whole barbecued pork shoulder with mac ‘n cheese the way only a Frenchman can make it, and Richard (Wing Lei) Chen reminded all of them (with his sweet and savory Galbi short ribs) that the Chinese were grilling meats for public consumption when the French and Italians were living in caves and throwing sticks at each other.

Not to be outdone, Geno (NOVE) Bernardo of blew us away with his proscuitto bread, and he, along with the rest of the N9NE Group laid out a crab and shrimp-fest that put any buffet in town to shame.

As for the entertainment, singers sang, jokes were told and speeches given. But for our dinero the funniest bit of the evening was watching Frederic Robert’s Dream Sequence wherein various Wynn/Encore chefs attempted to trip the light fantastic with the dancers, swimmers and gymnasts of La Reve. Putting Stratta, Holton and Jet (Wazuzu) Tila in whiteface was pure genius.

And who knew the plus-sized-Paul Bartolotta was so light and lithesome on his feet and amidst the waves?

It may not have been a pretty sight, but it was an hysterical one.

Perhaps, that’s why PB does so well with swimmers of all kinds….