Whole Foods Ultimate Food Fight

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What do you get when you combine five chefs, one main ingredient, the bounty of Whole Foods and 45 minutes of high pressure cooking? Why, The Ultimate Food Fight at Whole Foods in Henderson, of course, where last week the talented toques from five separate Whole Foods Markets squared off over….stuffing!

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Summerlin 20th Birthday Cake Competition

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Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but ELV hates cakes. Angel food cake, anniversary cakes, birthday cakes, wedding cakes, chocolate cake, sponge cake (aka genoise), …he hates them all almost as much as he hates cupcakes. There’s just something about the fluffy, generic, air-infused quality of cooked cake batter that puts him off, and reminds him of all the crappy, Betty Crocker cakes that were forced upon him as a child. Exceptions are made for cakes soaked in rhum, pound cakes and Boston cream pie (which is really two cakes separated by custard).*

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Bocuse d’Or USA

Bocuse d’Or USA concluded last weekend in Orlando, Florida with pretty much every top toque in the American/French food world being present. After years of being creamed by foreign teams, the U.S. of A. decided to get serious this year with its competition — in order to field the strongest two-person team it could for the international cooking contest to be held in Lyon, France in January ’09.

Photos by Valeria Rispoli

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