Cochon 555: Number of the FEAST

There’s something happening this Sunday.  Something that hasn’t happened here in 2 years.  Something I’ve mentioned several times in the past because of the great impression it left me the last time it was here.  I’m talking about COCHON 555, BABY.

Let's all do this... to ourselves!

As a little background, Cochon is a touring show, part education on the virtues of the most delicious of animals (besides the giant tortoise, apparently), and allowing chefs to REALLY show off. Continue reading “Cochon 555: Number of the FEAST”

October Fest-Guide: Into the Month of Madness

So unless you’ve been completely ignoring the media blitz coming at you from all angles, you’re at least somewhat aware of the Life Is Beautiful festival coming up in October.  While it’s been mainly billed as some kind of music fest, a showcase of a bunch of people I don’t know (plus Beck), they kind of buried the lead with a really cool selection of foodstuffs.  A lead even FURTHER buried is all the other really cool food events going on in the month of October!  Five BIG events, and luckily the much anticipated roast of John, Al, and Max will be a month before.  Need to plan a schedule?  Well, that’s why I bring you…

the font would not support an apostrophe, get over it.

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Lovers of cooked and cured pork in all its forms were in hog heaven this afternoon, as Cochon 555 hit The Cosmopolitan in all its porcine-perfect glory. It was a much more food-focused event than many of our dine-around festivals — with celebrity chefs taking a back seat to the butchers and sausage makers who are re-defining American charcuterie.

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