(End of) Summer Dish Review – Ham and Eggs at BAZAAR MEAT

It is famous for a reason. Because nothing on earth competes with its density, richness and haunting, nut-like flavor.

That caviar was no slouch, either. It being the biggest, briniest, sweetest fish eggs we’ve eaten since Caspian Sea caviar was banned in 2005.

Was it the best mini-bite of food we had all summer? By a country mile.

Do the Spanish know their salt? You bet your lutefisk they do.



Quick Hits, Hot Licks and Happy Chinese New Year!

Things have been fairly slow around the ELV manse of late, what with us putting the finishing touches on the EATING LAS VEGAS book, and having cut back on our restaurant schedule because of it.

Accordingly, we thought a quick tour of where we have eaten recently is in order, in order to point out some of the tastier bites we’ve encountered at some old friends and new acquaintances.

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High Steaks – The Top 10 Steakhouses in Las Vegas

I am a lover of beef, but I believe it does great harm to my wit. – William Shakespeare

(SW’s dry-aged strip sirloin)

How do you judge a steakhouse?

Is it the quality of the beef? How well they age it? Cook it?

The variety of the side dishes?

(Tortilla Sacramonte at Bazaar Meat)

Or is it all about the wine list to you?

(ELV’s usual wine choice with prime meat)

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