Bad Italian Food Review – MACARONI GRILL

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ELV note: We were cruising UNLV last night, and we happened to catch a portion of Professor Giovanni Ignacio Campari Antipasto’s lecture on Italian cuisine. Here’s a portion of what we overheard:

Professor Antipasto: Now repeat after me class: “America will eat anything on a noodle as long as there’s enough cheese on it.”

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Bad Italian Food Review – ZEFFIRINO’S

The only difference between Italian food in New York and L.A. is, in L.A. your food is made by overworked and underpaid Mexicans, and in New York it’s made by overworked and underpaid Puerto Ricans – Michelle Huneven

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It’s Friday boys and girls, time for another installment of Bad Italian Food Review.

Today’s lecture has Professor ELV in somewhat of a quandary. He would like to get medieval on Zeffirino’s sorry, over-hyped, under-performing, tourist trap ass, but in all fairness, there are things to like about this restaurant. But before he gets to the good, the bad and the ugly, first a short story.

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PANEVINO Kicks Off Bad Italian Food Review

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Yes, it’s Friday food fans, and time for ELV’s Bad Italian Food Review. From this week forward, as a regular feature, ELV intends to single out the bad Italian food that infests our valley, every Friday on this website, right before he goes to Mass at his favorite worshiping place: Our Holy Mother of Perpetual Pasta Humiliation Church.

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