Letter Of The Week

For some reason, many of the most hostile letters we get come to us through the KNPR Web site (www.knpr.org). Here’s a recent one that had us scratching our head, and feeling sorry for uber-chef-and-nice-guy Vincent Pouessel of Aureole. With friends like this, who needs enemies?

Hey John,

I think I’m going to start writing to you more often. What do you think about doing some segments about these failed chefs you praise like Bryan Ogden; how he left his santa monica opening or his dad who is spending time in jail or your other buddy David Varley who shot costs through the roof at DJT, which closed down; who couldn’t see that coming.

But on a positive note, You should do a special segment on Aureole, considering it truly lead the path for a successful prefix, fine ding house in Vegas and still pushes strong and definitely high light Vincent Pouessel. I would say hes the most hardworking, passionate executive chef in las vegas, and yes he still works in his kitchen. His name should be on a restaurant.

Maybe you should help guys like that, instead of kissing the ass of these shallow fools you have been praising.

I bet you $100 bucks I know las vegas food scene better than you. You will be hearing from me some more. You wouldn’t believe what I do for a living out here.



Dear Mr. Unpleasantandunsigned,

If you think it’s good to promote one chef or restaurant by badmouthing others, ELV (and the chefs on either end of your opinions) would beg you to reconsider.

Whatever personal or business issues a chef has are none of our business. Whether they’re talented or not is. The ones you mention so derisively are creative professionals who have enhanced our dining scene in numerous ways, and given immense pleasure to many customers.

As for knowing the Vegas food scene better than us; once you’ve eaten in every major restaurant in town at least half a dozen times, we’ll talk.

Indigestively yours,