Incredible Cantonese (if you can get it) at HK STAR

I’ve been to HK Star Cantonese Restaurant four times since it opened in the mid-part of the last decade. The first time, back when my law office was around the corner, I strolled in solo, noticed I was the only gweilo in the joint, and had to argue with my well-meaningĀ  waitron about what I wanted to eat. (I think he said “you no like” at least ten times before he accepted my order. What arrived — egg drop soup, sweet and sour pork, tepid shrimp — was definitely not what I wanted to eat…or what I thought I ordered.)

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The Fat Guy Is Coming To Vegas

…and we’re not talking about Santa Claus. On January 3rd, we’ll be giving Steven A. Shaw aka The Fat Guy, a personal guided tour of our Asian restaurants up and down Spring Mountain Road.

Shaw (founder of, and top tamale at has just published Asian Dining Rules (Harper Collins 2008), and hasn’t been in Sin City in like….forever; so the pressure is on to show the big guy a good time.

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