P. J. CLARKE’S – Get the Bleeping Burger!

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Get the burger. Just get it. Don’t ask any questions. Don’t spend a bunch of time cogitating and contemplating the menu. Forget about conversing over what you want or what she should get…

JUST GET THE @$@%%^!@^&$ BURGER!!!!

Yeah, it’s that good.

Clean, almost sweet tasting, actually. It is burger perfection because it is good, Meyer Ranch beef, properly ground and seasoned, and cooked to a turn. It comes on a simple, white bread bun, with the onion underneath the bun….just like they do it on 3rd Avenue in the Big Apple. There is nothing fancy about it, and there is nothing especially beautiful about it.

Except the taste.

After that burger, get the eggs Benedict with country ham…another revelation in lemony hollandaise and tangy ham. ELV approximates his eating time of this dish at about three minutes.

Yeah, they were that good.

Skip the chowdah (ours was under-seasoned and sloppily made — uncooked potatoes anyone? Anyone?), and don’t waste your time or calories on either the under-dressed, bland Caesar or Waldorf salads.

Just get the burger! Got it?

Get it.


In The Forum Shops at Caesars

3500 Las Vegas Blvd. south

Las Vegas, NV 89109


PS: The All-American desserts are equally @!$*$% fabulous, and the chili is pretty awesome too.

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